My Evernight RotG short releases May 27th.

Eric is stunned when the night before his first heats in the ‘Golden Shears’ competition, his ex-boyfriend turns up on the door. Even more so when he finds Justin isn’t alone, and, thanks to a booking error by the motel, will be sharing his motel accommodation.
Eric tries to focus on shearing, and reaching the finals, but he never really got Justin out of his heart. When he thinks things between Justin and his boyfriend Pita aren’t right, he finds it impossible to ignore the younger man.
Can he and Justin find the happy ending they both seek?



“Just a little on the back foot here. Never expected to bump into you.”

“Again?” Justin asked. His face hardened a little, and his brows drew into a slight frown. “Last time we saw each other, you almost shoved me out of your house. I thought we had something. Something special.”

Eric shook his head, and turned away, unable to speak if he continued to look at Justin. “You were fresh from college, with big ideas. You were going to throw away your OE to stay with me.” He shook his head. “You needed to go. See the world. That’s what an Overseas Experience is all about. You were too young.”

“Really.” Justin’s voice was flat. “And was I too young to make up my own mind? You suddenly stopped being my lover and decided to be my father? Except my dad never made any of my decisions for me after I hit puberty. At least he and I discussed things.”

“Maybe you were too young. Maybe I’m just too old.” Eric snapped the words as he rounded on Justin. But his building anger was derailed by the warm look in Justin’s clear blue eyes.

“Fifteen years older. It’s not that much. Look at you. Buzzed haircut, dark tan, solid muscles, and I know how much fur you have under that T-shirt even without the tuft that peeks over. Don’t run yourself down. I never did. I never will. I was angry you threw me out. I’m over that.” Justin continued to make the tea as if it was the most natural thing in the world.